For years, the owners of Mike’s Maze cut their elaborate corn mazes by hand. But as business grew and designs became even more complex, hand-cutting was no longer a feasible option. Precision Mazes offered the skill and attention to detail that matched the owners’ vision and reputation. A corn maze masterpiece that once took weeks to realize by hand, brought to life in just 2 days.




1.886 acres of corn path created
7.249 acre field
203.96 foot tall Letter "T"
84,870 plants removed to create the postcard image



Making the Maze


Our designs are more than just a corn maze, we view them as original masterpieces of corn art on earth. Each year, we work closely with Rob to bring our designs to life. It’s clear that he cares about getting the design right just as much as we do.
— David Wissemann, Mike’s Maze