Frank Keller describes his experience with Rob and Precision Mazes as a certain kind of “magic.” After 17 years of working together on new and exciting mazes, like their recent “Day of the Dead” creation, Keller credits Rob for providing valuable business advice that’s made his life less stressful and his maze much simpler to operate and manage. With the precision work of Rob and his team, the maze map customers receive is accurate to the foot. So everyone has fun and no one gets lost—unless they want to!





12.162 acre field
29706.8 feet of total path created
148,530 sq ft of path in the field



Making the Maze


We are very grateful for all of his advice with regards to crowd control and the logistics of making a maze simple to operate. His design advice allowed us to cut back on the amount of labor we needed to patrol the pathways during busy times.
— Frank Keller